45/52: Insinc/ Travel smart rewards

I talked about insinc in my previous post and today I want to talk about it again.

Insinc has recently changed its name to travel smart rewards (TSR). I prefer the old name though.  The way they both work are the same.  First, you register the EZ-Link card or Nets Flashpay card that you used.  However, you will need to use the card a few times before TSR can detect its eligibility of for the program.

Points system
You collect the points by taking train trips. There are a few traveling period where the you can clock the most points when you tap into the train station for eg between 6:15 to 7:15 or 8:45 to 9:45 on weekdays. You can get 3, 4, 5 or 6 points per km if you are a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum status respectively.  If you are a member of Corporate  TSR, then you can get 5, 6, 7 or 8 points per km for Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum status respectively.  You just change your email address to your work email address and you will be a member of the Corporate TSR.  As easy as ABC.

Read more in the TSR website.

How to redeem the points
You can redeem by spinning or by a cash buyout.  The latter doesn’t make sense to me cos you need 1000 points to redeem just $1 or 5000 points to redeem $5 .  For me, I just spin!  For a spin, I used to let the system autospin (automatic spin every saturday) for me using whatever points that I have accumulated over the week which I have won about $100 since I join TSR.  Recently, a collegue told me that she tends to win $ if she spins manually, so I also tried spinning but it seems that it works the other way for me.  Last Saturday, with my remaining 80 worth of points, I started spinning.  I was on Board 4 (where the top prize $200 is and where there are more boxes with $ and points) top second line and with the last spin, I saw myself moving towards the top prize box.  I was not thinking that much as I could earn either a $5 or $200 even if I did land on the $200 box.  (I am not sure how the system works in ths case where there is a $ and points in the same box, how does the system choose which one to reward you?) Suddenly, I saw the $200 flashed in front of my eyes and I went “WOAH” inside me!
I am still recovering from the fact that I won $200.  Just the other day, I saw a man’s card flashed $200+ when he tapped into the train station and I thought to myself who the hell would top up $200 into the EZ-Link card.  Maybe he was also one of those lucky passenger who won the top prize from TSR. HAHA.

43-44/52: 2 incidents with 2 humans

Incident number one

We went to watch the first women’s tennis held in Singapore and it was great until the night game……

A woman sat down beside me. First, the seats were already making me uncomfortable as they were those temporary made shift ones which are of poor standard as they shook at the slightest movement, for example, clapping of hands, walking up and down the stairs. And we were seated near to where the players made their entrance and so there was a lot of human traffic. Back to the woman who sat next to me, she was acting like a 13 yo kid getting all excited about Serena Williams. Before the start of the game, she talked about how great this woman is, how she thinks SW is the world greatest woman who played the best tennis, blah blah blah. And during the game, she would made comments to every single point that she made. Seriously, if I don’t need a live commentator, lest one who favors SW. Before the game started, there were 2 aunties seated 2 rows in front of her. Then they moved to the row just in front of her and she mumbled something to her boyfriend and went off. Minutes later, an usher came and asked the 2 aunties for their tickets and the aunties confessed that they were supposed to sit in front but since there were no one sitting behind, they moved. The usher told them that they should move back to their seats because someone informed him about it. After the 2 aunties moved, the woman started explaining to her boyfriend that she told the usher about it and I got this feeling that she was very proud of what she did. Few minutes later, a couple sat down in front of her again. I laughed out loud. They were much taller than the 2 aunties and blocked her good view. All I can say is, served her right.

I was so glad the match ended quickly, slightly less than an hour. I can’t stand another moment listening to my live commentor on how well SW was playing. After the match, we went all the way to the back for a better view and to get away from the live commentor.

Lesson learnt, not every front row seats are worth the money.  The seats behind were better than those made shift ones. Even though the seats were further away but at least there are no shaking and people’s head getting in between your eyes and the court.

Incident number two

While walking towards the fitness station, I saw a couple pushing each other at the playground.  At first, I thought they were playing around but when one of them fell down next to me, I realised that they were fighting (in front of 2 kids) instead.  Even though there were people staring at them, including me, woman A continued to push woman B and swang her fist at woman B again and again.  Then woman A saw me staring at her and shouted “see what see, never see people fight?” I said “no, and you better stop fighting”.  But she continued and I looked at her and tried to act fierce (even though I was a little worried that she might hit me) and told that I will call police if she continues. One of the kid then said to me in her soft innocent voice to call police.  At this time, Woman A seeing that I am serious about calling the police and she started backing off but not before scolding me and Woman B who then brought her two kids along.

I went back to my fitness training but I turned my back many times in case Woman A come back with a vengeance.

Lack of posts

urgent impending work deadlines have never failed to make me neglect my already neglected blog.  another 6 weeks to go.  for now, its just me, work and more work till end november.  although, december and january will also be my busy months, the christmas season and the new year tend to make them more bearable.


35-37/52: Back from Macau and Hong Kong

27 August 2014
We arrived in Macau on a late Wednesday afternoon after taking the turbojet ferry directly from the Hong Kong airport, so we don’t have much plans except for an impromptu Portuguese restaurant recommended by our boss’s friend. Maybe I was quite full (from the Portuguese tart and macdonald’s chicken wings that I had before dinner) so I did not enjoy the food as much as the rest did.
Apologies, but I did not take note of the restaurant’s details cos I don’t think I would recommend it to anyone.

28 August 2014
On Thursday, we walked to Taipa Village from our hotel for some 猪扒包 but the famous shop (the one located next to the road junction) has closed down since we went there 4 years ago. But there was another shop sign beside the empty shop where it was closed and I told Al I had to try it cos this is my second time back to Macau and I am not going back without eating that 猪扒包. So we went in search for the shop under the hot sun and we bumped into a few colleagues on the way who were playing some quiz held by the local museum. After close to an hour, we almost wanted to give up and I saw the sign of that 猪扒包 shop! Al was kind of relieved that we found it else his wife would give him a black face. He sure knows me well.

Later at night, we were given tickets to go up to the top of Macau Tower for some night scenery and bungy jumping.  After taking photos at the top of Macau Tower and watching a young chap took the bungy jump, we proceeded to the convention hall for buffet dinner. The spread was not fantastic but we were entertained by some singing competition amongst different departments and our department came in first!

29 August 2014
Whole day conference and by 6pm, we were free as a bird. On Wednesday, we wanted to go to this restaurant in Tapai Village for some Portuguese food but it was fully booked so we got the concierge to book for us for dinner on Friday. We arrived at the restaurant not feeling very excited especially after trying that not so fantastic Portuguese food on Wednesday. But this time round, I was wrong. We ordered about 7 dishes to share and they all tasted heavenly! If you ever visit Macau, you MUST go to this restaurant called A Petisqueria.
After dinner, we took a slow walk down the busiest lane of Taipa Village and we saw a little shop selling an interesting looking cake and we bought one back to share. For just a slice of the cake, it cost MOP55 which is about SGD9. Freaking expensive but it was freaking yummy.

30 August 2014 to 1 September 2014
Enroute to Hong Kong! Yea!  and of cos Hong Kong is all about eating and shopping.

Since it was only 2 night stay in Hong Kong. I decided to splurge a bit and we stayed at Langham Place Mongkok and we had dinner at this 2 starred Michelin restaurant “Ming Court” and the roast goose is the best I have eaten so far.
And all thanks to my friend who wanted to get century eggs for their family, I decided to get one pack for my family as well who enjoyed the eggs to the bits. Yea!
The next time I visit Hong Kong again, this will certainly be on the top of my list to bring back for the family. :)

Review of Clarins extra firming neck cream

I have finally finished using this product after more than one year. Yea, the 50ml neck cream has lasted me quite a well.

Due to genetics and bad habits of mine (always looking down at my phone), my neck has developed many many lines. Ok, maybe not that many but enough for people to notice their existence. I have always been conscious about them but I don’t have a solution to them. It was one year ago when I was replenishing my clarins products that the sales assistant brought to my attention the existence of this product which of cos I have no excuse not to buy it except for the cost. I can’t remember the retail price but I know it’s selling at SGD99 at the changi airport dfs at the departure terminal (I managed to pay HKD398 ie SGD64.50 after converting).

So let’s talk about the effectiveness of this product. Although I don’t see the lines vanishing after one year of usage (every night), I do notice that the lines are not as visible as before. And the neck looks smoother too. So when the product is about to finish, I panicked. The downside of the product is its cost. If you don’t buy from dfs, I think it costs about SGD140? (Don’t quote me on that). If you want to give it a try, I would suggest you to get it from the dfs in changi airport or even better (chepaer) from bonjour in Hong Kong.




33-34/52: I am still alive

I am 2 weeks late for my weekly blog post. Recently work has been hectic and I didn’t have much energy left to do other things.

Today, I manage to gather the little bit of energy left of me after the usual Sunday housework and decided to write a little post.

So, yesterday I went to raffles exchange to pick up mooncakes and my friend saw something which interests her (hardly anything interests her for your information) and pulled me to one of the stall selling this.

IMG_5282.JPG The two sales girls were very confident with their products and started taking out samples after samples for us to try (just in time cos we were feeling thirsty after lunch). I couldn’t recognize it when they show me the product before preparing it. After eating it, I realized that my mum has made for me before and she mentioned to me that this thing is good for health. My friend also said that so it cannot miss this especially when they are having a promotion “buy 3 and get $5 off”.

And this morning, I made this goodness for the family. It’s not as soft as I want it to be. Maybe I should add more water. Note taken for the next attempt.

Currently, on the way to parents place with a bag full of durian mooncakes and a loaf of bread. I am so glad that this time, I remembered my ear phones. Can’t imagine how I can stand the noise in a crowded train like today.

I will be off to Macau next week for a conference and extending 2 nights in HK. Can’t wait for a little break. Been working too hard. As my friend always say, work hard, play harder.

I have one thing on my shopping list. A wallet. My ferragamo is about 5 years old and I think it’s time to upgrade to a bigger wallet for my ever increasing number of cards (credit/ loyalty/ warranty cards, nets, mrt card etc etc etc). If you have any recommendation of which wallet I should get, please leave me a comment!

Ok, that’s all for now. Have a great Sunday y’all.