July empties!

 1. Watsons multipurpose solution for washing contact lenses – cheap and good. It doesn’t irritate my eyes at all not like some expensive ones.  Sometimes when Watsons is having promotion, you can get them at 3 x $15.90 and the second but at 50% off.

2. Cielo – I thought that a tube like this would last me at least 3-4 dyes but no, I even had problem getting the product out at the second dye.  I won’t repurchase it even though it may the easiest to use so far but the price does not justify the number of dyes that I got.

3. Lancôme foundation – I was not a big fan of this but it was my first liquid foundation and I was determined to finish it so that I can move on with the other two which I hoarded when I was very into makeup a year ago. It does not break me out. It gives me an even color with just one application.  No major complain about this liquid foundation except for the fact that my face still gets oily after 4 hours of application. But I guess it’s more of a problem of my skin. Heh.

4. Clarins advanced extra firming eye contour serum and cream – I love them both. Product quickly absorbed into the eye area.  I don’t have much fine lines at my eye area and no puffiness whatsoever and I think these products could be the reason.  That being said, I don’t think they help with the dark circles.

On a side note, I have been into minimalism which led me to spending only on daily essentials.  Although I am not entirely successful but I think I am getting there.  If you guys are not sure what is minimalism, I would suggest you to look up Youtube videos and I guaranteed that you are most likely to be inspired.


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