November and December empties

November empties

November empties


1. Watson multi purpose solution: see review here.

2. Diorsnow SPF 50+: The price tag at $70 makes an easy consideration for me not to repurchase. Other than that, I like that this product doesn’t give me the itch and it provides a good base for my foundation and also has the sunscreen protection which is lacking from my foundation.

3. Origins antioxidant cleanser with white tea:  This cleanser dries my skin a little but with some moisturiser that will help. Don’t think I will repurchase.

4. Origins anti aging eye treatment: Hmmmm, too small a tube to observe any improvement to my eyes.

5. Loreal ever strong sulfate free fortify system hydrate shampoo: It doesn’t wash off hair products that easily and it leaves my scalp feeling oily. Definitely won’t repurchase.

December empties

1.The body shop honey mania shower cream: Definitely not my favorite scent. It just smell hmmmm honey? One thing good about the shop cream is that it doesn’t cause dryness to my skin. But I won’t purchase it as the scent just doesn’t call out to me at all.

2. Moroccon oil clarifying shampoo: It’s LOVE. One of the best shampoo I have used. It washes product off with just a squeeze of product and leaves your hair smelling so good. It is not the cheapest shampoo but I would definitely repurchase.

3. Ren glycolactic radiance renewal mask: I heard great review about this mask and decided to give it a try. I am not sure I really like this enough for me to repurchase as the price tag just doesn’t coincide with the effects of the mask.

In 2016, I think I should start a new series instead of the empties series of what I  finished up using every month.  I am bored even reading my own blog posts.


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