Resolutions for 2017

Continuing with the 2016 new year resolutions theme…

  1. Declutter – I think it was 2016 that I started getting into decluttering my stuff after I read the infamous book “The life-changing magic of tidying up” from Marie Kondo.  It has helped me got rid of my books, clothes and shoes.  I have also learnt not to bring in things into the house. If I have to, I would get rid of something from the house.  This is not an easy process for me as my husband is a complete opposite. He buys and he hoards.  Luckily Marie said in her book that I should not throw away things that don’t belong to me else I would have done so with him noticing.  (yes, I did throw away some of his stuff which he will not notice – shhhhhh).  Decluttering is a journey and I want to continue with it in 2017.
  2. Zero waste – Use less plastics. How? Bring your own reusable bags; I have tons of them so I always keep 1 or 2 in my bag just in case I am buying something. Bring your own utensils. This, I need to remind myself to bring my own utensils to places which uses plastic utensils. Use recyclable panty liners! You can get yours here! I wanted to try the diva cup but I have not pick up the courage to do so yet.
  3. Exercise – I did this since August 2016 (almost everyday).  But this year, I want to do it every day starting from 3 January 2017. Usually, I will select one or two videos from boho beautiful depending on my mood and my physical condition that day. I know sometimes its tempting not to do anything once you reach home. For me, I just pull the mat out, take off my working clothes, search for boho beautiful and start exercising.  That’s how it works for me.

So there you go. My 3 new year resolutions for 2017.


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