shortest trip ever to bangkok!

We were suppose to go to Bangkok for our annual management conference on the third week of August. So the plan was to arrive in Bangkok on Tuesday and fly back to Singapore on Sunday.

But on Monday, news were everywhere on social media saying that  a bomb exploded in Bangkok and I realised that it was very near the hotel that we were staying.  As there were no news whether the conference will be proceeding or cancelled, the four of us (with 2 other colleagues) including Al bit the bullet and flew there on Tuesday morning.

Everything looked normal except for tighter security at the airport and the hotel.  After we settled in our hotel, Al and I went for a haircut at Central Embassy, visited a tailor and had a late night dinner at a Bangkok style zichar place near Terminal 21.  It was all good until my colleague got a phone call from the management conference team asking us to look for them at the conference venue when we are back in the hotel.  However, it was late when we got back to the hotel and we saw them the next day morning.  The team advised us to fly back earlier as there were subsequent bombing incident.  Even though we felt safe in Bangkok but I received messages from my family and some concerned friends telling us to be safe, it seems not right to stay there longer.  So we decided to change our flight to Saturday.  After which, we continued with our usual Bangkok activities (what else but eating, shopping and massage) and my colleague got another phone call from the team and told him that the venue of the conference will be changed to Singapore on Friday.  WHAT!!??  And so after much deliberation, we decided to head back to Singapore earlier and the team got our flight changed for the second time to return on Thursday.

Oh well, at least we get to relax for 3 days while most of colleagues were slogging away in the office. Opps.  



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