August empties!

  1. First aid beauty facial wash – i bought this at $20+ from Sephora after setting off a $10 value card which I won in a giftaway.  I only like the fact that it is value for money which lasted me more than a year. Other than that, it’s just another facial wash. 

2. Nivea deodorant – I like the fact that it is very easy to use (just aim and spray) and won’t leave your armpits feeling wet like those normal deodorant roller ball. However, I don’t like the scent of it as it smells like a deodorant. Haha. If you know of similiar product but with a better scent, do let me know!

3. Gatsby hair wax – I always buy this from Watsons. Not that it’s cheaper but it’s fixed price at $9.90. So I might as well use my loyalty card to chalk some Watsons points. I have repurchase so many times reason being it is very easy to wash away the wax and it doesn’t have a weird hair wax smell.  Definitely will repurchase it. 

4. Clarins double serum – My third and last bottle. I don’t see any effect on my face at all and given its hefty price, I will not repurchase it again. Will need to find a cheaper alternative. 


2 thoughts on “August empties!

  1. i use a crystal deodorant that i usually buy from Bangkok. It doesn’t have any fragrance… but it keeps nasty odors at bay. Less/no chemicals too… I’ve stopped using the usual roll-on or spray deodorants for some time now as there are reports which say they contain harmful chemicals. Whether or not is medically proven, i would rather be safe than sorry! I will get you one to try when i go to BKK soon. 🙂

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