2016 new year resolutions

I know I am late but it’s better late than never.

And if you follow me on Twitter, you would know that I am into minimalism.  So my new year resolutions will be all about minimalism.

I can’t remember when and how I became ‘obessed’ with minimalism but I think it’s not a bad obsession. I have learnt from many other minimalists out there from their blogs or YouTube videos and have adapted a few of their ideas.

1. Owning less – I have cut down on buying things based on what I wanted. For e.g. Clothes, shoes, bags. I set a budget of $100 every month last year and I managed to achieve it. This year, I reduce the budget to $50 per month.

2. Declutter – Before being a minimalist, I will go for shopping trips during sale season and will buy things without putting much thoughts into it.  As a result, I have a cupboards filled with shoes, tote bags, clothes. I realised that I have been not wear some of them for more than once and I felt disgusted with myself for all the money that I can save if I hadn’t bought them. I am making it a point to start decluttering (donate, sell or throw) one area each month so that I can get rid of stuff which I don’t use.

3. Recycle and reuse – Zero waste is quite impossible but I am making it a point not to generate unnecessary waste such as papers, plastics, glasses.  I will bring my own water bottle instead of using paper or plastic cups. I will bring tupperware and own utensils for food so that I won’t have to use those plastic utensils.

I hope that by sharing with y’all my new year resolutions will maybe explain my change in behaviours. It may change yours too. Who knows.

My inspirations

Becoming minimalist

Be more with less

Marie Kondo – the life-changing magic of tidying up


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