October empties! 

This month’s empties is misleading. Only one empty because the Chanel cream blusher is spoilt. I kept it in the bathroom and it became mouldy. Disgusting, I know.

I think I won’t be getting anymore cream blusher as this is the third one that became bad after a while.  I shall stick to my powder blusher.

Clean on me from soap and body – this is my fifth or sixth bottle already. And guess what? I am getting sick of it. I shall try another scent next time I visit Sephora or boots at Bangkok. For now, I will finish up whatever body wash I have with me before I repurchase.


Birthday pressies for the december borne.

This year I chose this teal Rebecca Minkoff mini mac clutch from doorstepluxury for my birthday! Thank you my friends for the lovely gift! (Was a little upset when I received an email from doorstepluxury yesterday that they are having a 3 days 25% off Rebecca Minkoff bags. Bad luck.) Update: I contacted doorstepluxury who is willing to refund 25% of the selling price to match the sale price!! Yoohoo~~

And I also pampered myself with some Chanel makeup which I have been eyeing for the longest time. Finally decided to buy them since Takashimaya is having a store wide 10% discount and I received a $50 Takashimaya voucher few days ago from the new DBS MasterCard.

And I am waiting for the present from Al which is still on the way. He never fails to give me a surprise so I am excited about what he got for me.


Rouge Coco Chanel

Finally got the lipstick. I like the fact that it’s not as creamy as a normal lipstick. More like a stained lip balm.

Even though it’s more expensive than most of other brand of lipstick but I think it’s worth it! 😉 By the way, I bought the lipstick at about $36 (after 10% off from Robinson which is having sale these 2 days + card member rebate). If you need anything from Robinson and don’t mind the long queue, do drop by tomorrow.