Labor Day

Thankful that my brother asked if we would like to join them (aka parents and the brother) for breakfast and a walk at the Botanic Garden.  Being the nicest person, he picked us up (at 8am) and off we went to Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar for a sinful but yummy breakfast!  

We ordered so much but we finished everything that we ordered. Al got the Skillet Eggs but it was too hot for breakfast. Papa wanted the Egg White Souffle Omelette which looked too healthy for my liking.  I ordered my usual Eggs Benedict. Brother ordered Granola Quinoa Berries Parfait and Brioche French Toast and mum just ate from our plates.  

We had to stop the brother from ordering the Artisan Bread Basket since all the eggs dishes are served with two pieces of toast.  Too much bread even for bread lovers like us!  

Just for record, I absolutely love the granola. The best I have tried so far. 

two sunny eggs served in a pepper harissa ragout, sliced    spanish

two sunny eggs served in a pepper harissa ragout, sliced spanish chorizo sausages with slices of toasted baguette


a fluffy egg white omelette with sauteed spinanch


poached eggs, smoked ham with creamy hollandaise sauce on white ciabatta

two sunny eggs served in a pepper harissa ragout, sliced   spanish

house made granola, layered with greek yogurt, blueberry compote and fresh berries

After breakfast, we proceeded to Botanic Garden and walked for about one and a half hour before we depart to Tiong Bahru for some hawker food.  It was definitely a good day well spent with the family having small conversations and cracking jokes amongst one another.  Always made me look forward to the next family outing with a full strength (6 more pair of feet). 

April empties 

Some full size products this month! Yoohoo~~

  • Cielo from Japan – the usual price for one bottle is $15.90 which I would not have usually paid for a hair dye product.  But since Watsons was having a buy 2 for a price lower than $15.90 (but of cos), I decided to give it a try as I was also intrigued by its as easy as 1,2,3 application and also by the fact that it can be kept for future application. But when I used it the second time, I had problem getting product out and I concluded that it is not really that value for money. I think I will just stick to my Loreal.
  • Natur Vital hair loss shampoo – this bottle cost $23. I always wait for promotion (buy the second bottle at 50% off) at Watsons to stock up.  What I like about this shampoo is that it does not have too much of a scent. It does not make my hair feel too dry even though it is for greasy hair.  I have been through at least 5 bottles since I started using this.
  • Clean on me from soap and glory – love the scent of this shower lotion. It does not leave the body dry. I usually stock up when Sephora having sale or when I go to Bangkok.
  • Opto-pharm saline – I don’t know how I manage to finish the whole bottle. Even though it is saline, it always irritate my eyeballs when I wear my contact lenses every morning.
  • Clarins – read my March empties here.
  • Mac blush ‘Dainty’ – my first blush which I finished. I think it took me many years to finish this. Although there is still some left, I just can’t get much of the product onto my face.

Friendship of twenty over years!

I have the privilege of knowing a friend for more than twenty over years and counting. Our relationship may not have been the smooth sailing due to jealousy, competition; both are hard headed  and often quarrelled, sometimes even get into fights. I remember going out with her for the first time without my parents when we were in secondary one.  The moment she saw me, she burst out laughing. I was wearing a whole piece dress with a ribbon tied behind my waist. You know the Cinderella kind? Hahaha.  After I went home, I pestered my mum to buy me a pair of jeans cos it was what my friend had wore and I thought she looked cool in it. Haha, those (not fond) memories. 

After secondary school, we went to the same Polytechnic and took up the same course. We went to different classes so we had our own group of friends.  Over the years in Polytechnic, our relationship was not as close as compared to secondary days.  After we graduated from Polytechnic, we took the same post graduate course again and since we are allowed to go for the same classes, we did and became close again.  After getting our professional certificate, she got married and we drifted apart again and further apart after she became a mother.  I, on the other hand, had a hectic work life and I also got to know my husband later part of my life.  So while she was busy with her own life, I was busy with mine. 

Recently, due to work, we gotten back in touch and decided to go out for dinner and shopping after spending too much time on the phone. We enjoyed each other company so much that this August, we are going to Taiwan.  As my friend said, this trip is to celebrate our 20 years of friendship and starting the next decade of our life.  Although I am looking forward to the trip, I hope we won’t pick at each other at the smallest things like ‘good’ old times. Fingers crossed. HA.  

March empties!

March has been punishing in terms of work. Because of the trip to Hong Kong, I had to clear as much work as possible.  Even though I did, there was still some boohoo committed which resulted in some angry exchanges. I hope we will learn from this bad experience and move on.  That aside, this month I was able to finish 5 empties, namely, the following:

  • Body shop honeymania exfoliant creme pour le corps (50ml) – I disliked this. First, it’s the scent and second, the buffing beads just disappeared as soon as they come into contact with water. It is like rubbing cream onto my body. Maybe that explains why it’s called exfoliant creme.  Definitely not what I would purchase since I like a ‘rougher’ scrub than this.
  • Clarins body lift cellulite control (30ml) – “Extract from website – It aims to remove the unsightly lumps and dimples that you’ve always been trying to get rid with its bust cellulite formation by disrupting the cellulite-formation cycle through the use of key plant ingredients namely aquatic mint and celosia extracts. When these ingredients are combined, they help slow down the expansion of fat cells and prevent the formation of cellulite at the source. The cream-gel texture is also highly refreshing while it’s absorbed by the skin almost immediately. It acts like a “tightening” veil which helps to refine the texture of the skin.” This is a sample size bottle which I finished within 5 days. I used this every night after shower which I massaged onto my thighs using a body shop applicator.  After only 5 days of using it (which seems really long), it would be a miracle if see any visual improvement to my cellulite situation.  If you have more patience than me, maybe you will see better results than me.  For now, I just want to finish the clarins body shaping cream before purchasing the full size of the body lift cellulite control.  
  • L’occitane cooling hand cream gel (30ml) verveine – One of my favorite hand cream so far. My hands absorbed the gel within seconds after application and it does not leave an oily feeling.
  • Silky girl hi-definition brow liner (0.35g) – this is my second one already. As compared to the mac brow pencil, this is more economical at $8.90 during promotion.  It also has a spooly which the mac does not come with. One would last about a month if you used it on a daily basis and I am now onto my third.
  • Kose mask white (75ml)  – If you like peel off mask and don’t mind strong scent, then you must get this. It always make my skin bright and smooth after use without drying the skin.  It doesn’t dry up even though I had it for more than 2 years. 

 So there you go, my March empties.  Hope that I can finish as many products as I can so that I can share them with you in the next coming months. 

Online shopping?

When it comes to shopping, I prefer to shop online as compared to traveling to shopping places and having human contacts with human beings. My favorite online shopping sites for clothing has to be ASOS as it provides free delivery (shipping) on whatever amount of your order. But if you are not happy with your purchase, you would have to pay for the postage in order to return them. Recently, I seem to run out of luck when it comes to ASOS clothing and had to return most of what I bought. As a result, the discount I got from the sale set off against the return postage so effectively, I did not benefit from the sale at all!

A while ago, a friend asked me to accompany her to the post office to return clothes that she bought online from Zalora. It was my first time experiencing how the POP station works and I was impressed by how easy and convenient it is to return the parcel especially when the return can be made within 30 days and it’s free of charge if you are not happy with the purchase.

So one fine day, while I was surfing the FB, I saw that Zalora was having CNY sale and popped over to have a look. I was quite delighted to see a lot of red going on there and currently have 2 items in my cart. I was given a $10 promo code for subscribing to its newsletter but need to spend $59 to use the promo code. Good thing I can save the items in the shopping cart while I surf for stuff that catch my eyes. I also spotted soap and glory products which are now available on Zalora. Most are bath and skin products and I hope they will bring in more of their beauty line which I know are of good quality!

For a busy work schedule of mine, I definitely don’t have the time to go on a shopping trip and most importantly, I do not like crowds and neither does Al and I don’t have to tolerate bad customer service.

That’s my take on online shopping. What about you? Do you shop online or do you prefer to see the product in person?

Essay by Dr Lee Wei Ling


Remembering Mr Lee.

Originally posted on Everything Swim Bike and Run and the Occasional Life Encounters:

After the passing of MM Lee Kuan Yew, I am deeply moved with the respects of the nations citizen for Mr LKY, for he have govern the country with authoritarian, not all people views are aligned as we are individual, but this individuals spent his entire life building what is we call today Singapore, truly deserving of the title Founding Father of Singapore.

He do not have his own “JET” nor he approves budget for his minister to spend. CNA showed a clip of one of his Minister traveling to Germany for the first time and it was -18 degree there at that time, he was asked to loan from Minister GCT instead of buying at that moment, that made me chuckled.

Please do yourself a favor. Do read to the end. A nice and touching article to read. Plenty of foods for thought. This letter is beautifully “crafted” in…

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My first empties post! 

Ok, this is my first time doing an empties post and I am quite excited about it. Usually, I finished about 1-2 items every month.  That’s why it is kind of hard to do a decent empties post.  As I have accumulated a fair amount of empties, I think it’s time for me to do one.

So here we go:

Bioderma sensibo – This is my third bottle already. I love this cleansing water because it’s cheaper than a lot other high end cleansers and most importantly, it removes makeup very easily. Just three pumps of this and it would leave my skin clean.  Usually, I will do another cleansing step using either another foaming cleanser or the clarins orange scrub.  I have recently found out that Q10 is selling one 500ml bottle at $21+ inclusive shipping. If you have the patience to negotiate with carousell sellers, you can actually find one who is willing to sell at $20 net but arranging for meetup can be quite a hassle.

Next up is a aroma diffuser which I bought from Bangkok. The scent is lemongrass which always remind me of massage. Buying aroma diffuser is definitely more economical than if you buy locally.  And there is not much difference in terms of quality.  So if you happen to be in Bangkok and is one who uses aroma diffuser, don’t hesitate to buy them (not from road side stall though).

Bioderma solution micellaire and “White elephant” aroma diffuser

The Kose white mask is my third tube already.  I like this mask because it is a peel off mask and after use, my face always feel bright, clean, smooth and doesn’t make my face feels dry.

However, I cannot say the same for the Neutrogena fresh foaming cleanser.  My face feels so dry that it became itchy.  So I have to give this up and use it as a cleaner for my makeup brushes.  I know some may say that we should use cleanser specially for brushes but I don’t really care cos mine are cheap and can be replaced without feeling the heart pain. haha.

Kose white mask and Neutrogena facial foaming cleanser

So there you go, these are my first empties.  I have another one coming up for March and am excited about it cos there are 5 empties.  Yoohoo~~ even though some are sample size only, it is already an accomplishment for me.