July empties!

 1. Watsons multipurpose solution for washing contact lenses – cheap and good. It doesn’t irritate my eyes at all not like some expensive ones.  Sometimes when Watsons is having promotion, you can get them at 3 x $15.90 and the second but at 50% off.

2. Cielo – I thought that a tube like this would last me at least 3-4 dyes but no, I even had problem getting the product out at the second dye.  I won’t repurchase it even though it may the easiest to use so far but the price does not justify the number of dyes that I got.

3. Lancôme foundation – I was not a big fan of this but it was my first liquid foundation and I was determined to finish it so that I can move on with the other two which I hoarded when I was very into makeup a year ago. It does not break me out. It gives me an even color with just one application.  No major complain about this liquid foundation except for the fact that my face still gets oily after 4 hours of application. But I guess it’s more of a problem of my skin. Heh.

4. Clarins advanced extra firming eye contour serum and cream – I love them both. Product quickly absorbed into the eye area.  I don’t have much fine lines at my eye area and no puffiness whatsoever and I think these products could be the reason.  That being said, I don’t think they help with the dark circles.

On a side note, I have been into minimalism which led me to spending only on daily essentials.  Although I am not entirely successful but I think I am getting there.  If you guys are not sure what is minimalism, I would suggest you to look up Youtube videos and I guaranteed that you are most likely to be inspired.


My parents finally ‘get rid’ of all of us.  My youngest brother got married and it was a joyful event for the family.  I am so happy that he found his life partner.  Our family adores her and I wish them happiness forever.  


Saturday Club: Part 2

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Apparently, the case is not closed. To maintain transparency, here are the 2 emails that were sent to me. The first, by Agent 2, was sent on the same day, 29 Jun:


I don’t get it. How difficult is it to send an envelope? Will it cost your company a huge amount of money to mail out that one envelope? And I still don’t get it – I sent you a picture of the faulty zip. Why do you need it back for ‘identification purpose’? To make sure that the dress is really from Saturday Club? Very odd.

The next day, I saw an unfamiliar missed call number on my phone. I do not return unfamiliar numbers. Then I saw this email:


Quote: We strive to achieve satisfaction for every customer.

Sorry, but this is too hilarious. Whatever happened to “striving for satisfaction” the first few times I wrote to…

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Saturday Club: A review

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Warning: Long ranting entry ahead.

I recently had an appalling experience with an online clothing retailer and it riled me up enough to blog about it so here goes.

Note: What you see in this entry are screen-shot from actual email exchanges. The only thing that I edited was my real name and in its place, “miss ene” is used.

28 May 2015

I purchased 3 items of clothing from Saturday Club, an online clothing shop. I just tried to look for the “About Us” button on their website but couldn’t find it. According to their Facebook page, they were founded in December 2012 and this is what they say about themselves:

“SaturdayClub started with the intention of dressing young people who are engaged with their culture.To meet their needs, SaturdayClub takes the latest global trends, mixing them with street influences and reworks them into comfortable and easy to…

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June empties!

 Finished three full size products this month.

1. Kiehl’s rare earth pore cleansing masque – this is my second tub and it lasted me for about 2 years.  For a $40+ product, I think its very very worth it.  It always brighten and smoothen my skin after use.  Although there is some slight itchiness during application, I guess the masque is working hard to get rid the stuff off my skin to brighten it and make it flawless! I love it so much that I am going to repurchase this again and again.

2. Clarins one-step gentle exfoliating cleanser with orange extract – this is also my second or maybe third one.  This exfoliater is very gentle and it does not cause any dryness even though I use it every day.  And I love the smell of it.  Defintely will repurchase.

3. Silky girl eyebrow pencil – no special love for it except for the fact that it comes with the spooly.  The color did not exactly match my black brows but I am not complaining as it costs less than $10 and lasted me for at least 3 months (used daily).  I will purchase when Watsons is having the buy 2 get 1 free promotion again.

I am looking forward to my July empties.  There is one product which took me years to finish and I am darn proud of myself.


My obsession for planner began early when I was searching for one for 2015.

I have been using the slim pocket calendar diary from my insurance company which I purchased my policies from since year 2006. I was getting really bored with the ‘same’ planner all these years although it serves my purpose.

For your information, I am a YouTube addict who watches videos every night. One fine day, I was watching a video by Rachel Tablott talking about her second hand LV planner and it got into me.  And for the next three months, I was looking for a second hand one too but I gave it up as I just couldn’t find one that is of good condition and comes with a reasonable price. Also, I was not willing to get a brand new one as it costs about $700ish.

Thus, I continued my search for THE planner. And finally stumbled upon Midori! If you have not heard about it, maybe I should advise that you should not try to find out more about it. Cos I am addicted to it and have been spending a lot of time and money on this new hobby of mine.  But it’s worth it for the joy and friendship it has brought me.  

Although I am a fan of Midori, I did not buy the actual Midori. Instead I got myself a fauxdori.  A fauxdori is a similar version of Midori but better cos you can actually customise the leather, size, pockets etc.  After doing some research, I finally found one that suits my style and it’s from zenkraft.  I shan’t go into details in this post but I will share a photo of my lovely planner.


2D1N in Malacca

Went to Malacca over the weekend to visit our colleagues there.  I was so jelly of their office cos it looks so much better than ours.  It was kinda weird having to self introduce ourselves to some of them. But after a while, we got used to it and started cracking stupid jokes. Although it was just a few hours at the new office, the purpose of the visit (to put a name to the faces of the people who we are working with via the Internet) was met.  After which, our level of excitement shot up cos we all know it was R&R all the way. 

 So in Malacca, one must visit Jonker street. You can see and buy a lot of things such as key chains, magnets, Tshirts, hand phone accessories, San Su Gong (local food products) and etc. It was my second time to Malacca and I just want the trip to be R&R so it’s just jonker street and some shopping at two of their malls.

While at Jonker street, I saw this guy engrossed in his book and stout and thought it was an amusing sight. The weather was so hot yet he managed to look so cool in his suit. 

  This place is called the geographical cafe. We did not manage to dine here but I googled that it is THe place to chill at Jonker street.  

view from my hotel during the day and at night

I would definitely visit Malacca again as I like its vibes. Thanks to the company for organizing a trip there.