Essay by Dr Lee Wei Ling


Remembering Mr Lee.

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After the passing of MM Lee Kuan Yew, I am deeply moved with the respects of the nations citizen for Mr LKY, for he have govern the country with authoritarian, not all people views are aligned as we are individual, but this individuals spent his entire life building what is we call today Singapore, truly deserving of the title Founding Father of Singapore.

He do not have his own “JET” nor he approves budget for his minister to spend. CNA showed a clip of one of his Minister traveling to Germany for the first time and it was -18 degree there at that time, he was asked to loan from Minister GCT instead of buying at that moment, that made me chuckled.

Please do yourself a favor. Do read to the end. A nice and touching article to read. Plenty of foods for thought. This letter is beautifully “crafted” in…

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My first empties post! 

Ok, this is my first time doing an empties post and I am quite excited about it. Usually, I finished about 1-2 items every month.  That’s why it is kind of hard to do a decent empties post.  As I have accumulated a fair amount of empties, I think it’s time for me to do one.

So here we go:

Bioderma sensibo – This is my third bottle already. I love this cleansing water because it’s cheaper than a lot other high end cleansers and most importantly, it removes makeup very easily. Just three pumps of this and it would leave my skin clean.  Usually, I will do another cleansing step using either another foaming cleanser or the clarins orange scrub.  I have recently found out that Q10 is selling one 500ml bottle at $21+ inclusive shipping. If you have the patience to negotiate with carousell sellers, you can actually find one who is willing to sell at $20 net but arranging for meetup can be quite a hassle.

Next up is a aroma diffuser which I bought from Bangkok. The scent is lemongrass which always remind me of massage. Buying aroma diffuser is definitely more economical than if you buy locally.  And there is not much difference in terms of quality.  So if you happen to be in Bangkok and is one who uses aroma diffuser, don’t hesitate to buy them (not from road side stall though).

Bioderma solution micellaire and “White elephant” aroma diffuser

The Kose white mask is my third tube already.  I like this mask because it is a peel off mask and after use, my face always feel bright, clean, smooth and doesn’t make my face feels dry.

However, I cannot say the same for the Neutrogena fresh foaming cleanser.  My face feels so dry that it became itchy.  So I have to give this up and use it as a cleaner for my makeup brushes.  I know some may say that we should use cleanser specially for brushes but I don’t really care cos mine are cheap and can be replaced without feeling the heart pain. haha.

Kose white mask and Neutrogena facial foaming cleanser

So there you go, these are my first empties.  I have another one coming up for March and am excited about it cos there are 5 empties.  Yoohoo~~ even though some are sample size only, it is already an accomplishment for me.

2015: 3/12 – March has been fun so far!

2 March:  It was our department’s CNY dinner.  This year, one of the big boss sponsored Happy Fei Fei and it was the first time that I did not ask why the lucky draw was taking so long or when is the next dish going to be served.  She brought me tears.  Tears of laughter.  I enjoyed so much that I had a dream but it was not one that I would want to remember.

4 March: Accompanied a friend to one raffles place to buy bread. I saw some bread samples which looks very yummy and took a piece. Then suddenly from behind me, someone used her fingers instead of the toothpicks prepared for customers to pick up the bread samples and she got my attention.  She did not stop but went out to use her fingers to pick up more bread samples (a few pieces of different flavor) and pretended that she was trying the samples. But I know that she’s not! She was hungry! And to confirm my  suspicion, she had a gym bag on her arm. I think she just want to have a quick bite before her gym class. Hahahahah. I was pretty amazed by how thick skinned and how cheapo someone can be. She definitely cannot be an actress cos I see right through her.  Rolled eyes.

12-16 March: Going to Hong Kong again, this time with my parents and mil. exciting times. I will talk more about the trip in another blog post.

2015: Weeks 7 to 9

11 February: I broke the zip of my skirt while trying to zip it. Of cos it’s not a problem if it’s a normal piece of skirt but the thing is the skirt is already very tight on me and with the zip stuck, I can’t take it off by pulling it down. In fact, the only way to get out of the skirt is only from above as my chest is smaller than my butt. I tried to wiggle myself out of the dress from the head and after much effort and almost causing spasm to my arms and body, I finally took it off. Morale of the story – don’t wear a skirt too tight.

14 February: vday is working day. No surprises for him or me. It’s just lunch at a Japanese restaurant which Al had not been too and macdonald for dinner.

16 February: came home earlier and I went to the supermarket to buy some ingredients to make pad thai.  But my bladder is super full, prawns are super ex, and I can’t seem to find the garlic chives which is very important ingredient for making a nice pad thai. So in the end, I bought milk, cornflakes, eggs back.  Got home, opened the cabinet and freaked out.  I finally found the source of the bugs which have been looming around in the kitchen and counter top!  It was the leftover flour used by mil. At that moment, the urge to kill those bugs was stronger than to release my bladder. So for the next hour, I was busy killing the bugs and I lost my appetite totally. Morale of the story: always keep the leftover food product properly – air tight.

17 February: finally got my first iPad which was ordered online and delivered the very next day! Apple’s delivery is really impressive. Now writing a blog post using the iPad made it easier than using my old MBP which is running quite slowly now with all the junk in it. And comparing to my iPhone 6, it’s definitely much easier to write a blog post using a bigger screen. Yea!

23 February: Budget 2015 is for everyone.  For me, at least I will benefit from the personal tax rebate of $1,000, the education and training subsidy and the service and conservancy charges rebate.

2015: 2/12 – what’s up february?

It’s only the second month of the year but I am already starting to get busy at work. Going to work on Saturday is nice because they aren’t many co-workers around and I get to have some peace and free of noise pollution at work.

I am also starting to get busy at home trying to spring clean my house which is not made easy with the ‘help’ of my mil and Al.  I have already cleared out 8 ring files worth of notes which I am going to recycle and packed away a bag worth of clothes and toys for a charity organisation to pick them up.

Besides being busy with the chinese new year preparation, basically I think my february would evolves around work, fitness and some social life.  Come to think of it, I think it is quite a good idea to have a goal each month for me to achieve.  What do you think?  This month, since I am on a spring cleaning spree, my goal will be to tidy up the study room.



2015: 1/12 – reset the button

Not sure if I made them in 2014 but in 2015, these are what I want to do:

(1) travel more. I caught the travel bug and I blame Joy for that!

(2) save more.  do you know that you can save tax by contributing to SRS account??

(3) don’t buy too much unnecessary stuff. Speaking of which, I am clearing my wardrobe and have been listing some clothes which I don’t wear that often on carousell. Do check my stuff out on that platform! My username is carrotsells :)

(4) be more patient and forgiving in general. I always get upset over small matters which is not good for the mind and for the heart.

(5) spending less hours at work by working more efficiently. Less talking more working. 😁

I shall stop at 5 for this year so that I can focus in achieving all 5 of them.

2015, I am ready for you.

52/52 : Last week of 2014

This year’s Xmas was one of the loneliest. Al was not in town for about a week (during Xmas week). There was no Xmas party this year as most friends were out of town, and I did not get any Xmas pressies for anyone except Al. I was just not in the mood to brave myself through the crowds this festive season.

On a happier note, my friend deb just got married on her birthday. It was a small but nice buffet styled wedding dinner held at Equinox. After which the couple had a lot a lot of drinks with their guests and there were nice music and a small dance floor for those who would like a dance. I am not a drinking person nor a dancing person but I did enjoy watching the guests and the bridegroom and bride having fun.

Due to Al’s work commitment, he has been away for a week (the longest period that we have been apart since marriage), and I spent my Xmas with my parents and siblings and of cos the baby whom I can’t get enough. She is now at the stage where she is absorbing words like a sponge and it was fun listening to her talk.

I also met up my dear friend on Christmas Eve for a quick catch up. It was nice to hear the updates of her life and looked at pretty holiday photos and exchanged Christmas presents. I love all the things that she got me and her beautiful handwriting.

How was your 2014?