My obsession for planner began early when I was searching for one for 2015.

I have been using the slim pocket calendar diary from my insurance company which I purchased my policies from since year 2006. I was getting really bored with the ‘same’ planner all these years although it serves my purpose.

For your information, I am a YouTube addict who watches videos every night. One fine day, I was watching a video by Rachel Tablott talking about her second hand LV planner and it got into me.  And for the next three months, I was looking for a second hand one too but I gave it up as I just couldn’t find one that is of good condition and comes with a reasonable price. Also, I was not willing to get a brand new one as it costs about $700ish.

Thus, I continued my search for THE planner. And finally stumbled upon Midori! If you have not heard about it, maybe I should advise that you should not try to find out more about it. Cos I am addicted to it and have been spending a lot of time and money on this new hobby of mine.  But it’s worth it for the joy and friendship it has brought me.  

Although I am a fan of Midori, I did not buy the actual Midori. Instead I got myself a fauxdori.  A fauxdori is a similar version of Midori but better cos you can actually customise the leather, size, pockets etc.  After doing some research, I finally found one that suits my style and it’s from zenkraft.  I shan’t go into details in this post but I will share a photo of my lovely planner.



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