2D1N in Malacca

Went to Malacca over the weekend to visit our colleagues there.  I was so jelly of their office cos it looks so much better than ours.  It was kinda weird having to self introduce ourselves to some of them. But after a while, we got used to it and started cracking stupid jokes. Although it was just a few hours at the new office, the purpose of the visit (to put a name to the faces of the people who we are working with via the Internet) was met.  After which, our level of excitement shot up cos we all know it was R&R all the way. 

 So in Malacca, one must visit Jonker street. You can see and buy a lot of things such as key chains, magnets, Tshirts, hand phone accessories, San Su Gong (local food products) and etc. It was my second time to Malacca and I just want the trip to be R&R so it’s just jonker street and some shopping at two of their malls.

While at Jonker street, I saw this guy engrossed in his book and stout and thought it was an amusing sight. The weather was so hot yet he managed to look so cool in his suit. 

  This place is called the geographical cafe. We did not manage to dine here but I googled that it is THe place to chill at Jonker street.  

view from my hotel during the day and at night

I would definitely visit Malacca again as I like its vibes. Thanks to the company for organizing a trip there. 


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