I need some new working clothes!

I am definitely someone who wear similar type of clothes to work.  I refused to crack my head thinking of what to wear to work everyday so when I see something which I like, I will buy at least 2 of the same piece in different colors so that people would not think I wear the same top everyday.  If I find something comfortable, suits my style and is not too expensive, I will buy at least 2 colors of the same design.

As I have been wearing the same pieces of clothes over and over again and my last shopping was in December 2014, I thought it was time to ‘update’ my wardrobe.  My clothes were also looking old or falling apart from the weekly washes.  And so I went on an online shopping spree at Zalora and found working clothes from Mango women clothing section which are similar to my current work style, i.e. an oversized top with longer sleeves so that I can cover my arms (not that they cannot be seen in public but I just like the way it looks on me), like below and paired with a skirt or pants.

Photo credit: Zalora website

 I also like the top in the below photo; Long sleeves blouse with patterns and especially with pockets which gives an illusion that my chest is not as flat as it is. Most important, I like a top which doesn’t show too much skin which I think is very important especially when you are working. You don’t want you want your co-workers to focus on the wrong thing or ‘nothing’ (if you get what I mean).

Photo credit: Zalora website
These styles are easy and simple so I don’t have to crack my brain to think of what to wear every morning.  

What do you think? If you have styles which are even simpler than mine, please feel free to share them with me! 


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