April empties 

Some full size products this month! Yoohoo~~

  • Cielo from Japan – the usual price for one bottle is $15.90 which I would not have usually paid for a hair dye product.  But since Watsons was having a buy 2 for a price lower than $15.90 (but of cos), I decided to give it a try as I was also intrigued by its as easy as 1,2,3 application and also by the fact that it can be kept for future application. But when I used it the second time, I had problem getting product out and I concluded that it is not really that value for money. I think I will just stick to my Loreal.
  • Natur Vital hair loss shampoo – this bottle cost $23. I always wait for promotion (buy the second bottle at 50% off) at Watsons to stock up.  What I like about this shampoo is that it does not have too much of a scent. It does not make my hair feel too dry even though it is for greasy hair.  I have been through at least 5 bottles since I started using this.
  • Clean on me from soap and glory – love the scent of this shower lotion. It does not leave the body dry. I usually stock up when Sephora having sale or when I go to Bangkok.
  • Opto-pharm saline – I don’t know how I manage to finish the whole bottle. Even though it is saline, it always irritate my eyeballs when I wear my contact lenses every morning.
  • Clarins – read my March empties here.
  • Mac blush ‘Dainty’ – my first blush which I finished. I think it took me many years to finish this. Although there is still some left, I just can’t get much of the product onto my face.


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