Friendship of twenty over years!

I have the privilege of knowing a friend for more than twenty over years and counting. Our relationship may not have been the smooth sailing due to jealousy, competition; both are hard headed  and often quarrelled, sometimes even get into fights. I remember going out with her for the first time without my parents when we were in secondary one.  The moment she saw me, she burst out laughing. I was wearing a whole piece dress with a ribbon tied behind my waist. You know the Cinderella kind? Hahaha.  After I went home, I pestered my mum to buy me a pair of jeans cos it was what my friend had wore and I thought she looked cool in it. Haha, those (not fond) memories. 

After secondary school, we went to the same Polytechnic and took up the same course. We went to different classes so we had our own group of friends.  Over the years in Polytechnic, our relationship was not as close as compared to secondary days.  After we graduated from Polytechnic, we took the same post graduate course again and since we are allowed to go for the same classes, we did and became close again.  After getting our professional certificate, she got married and we drifted apart again and further apart after she became a mother.  I, on the other hand, had a hectic work life and I also got to know my husband later part of my life.  So while she was busy with her own life, I was busy with mine. 

Recently, due to work, we gotten back in touch and decided to go out for dinner and shopping after spending too much time on the phone. We enjoyed each other company so much that this August, we are going to Taiwan.  As my friend said, this trip is to celebrate our 20 years of friendship and starting the next decade of our life.  Although I am looking forward to the trip, I hope we won’t pick at each other at the smallest things like ‘good’ old times. Fingers crossed. HA.  


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