My first empties post! 

Ok, this is my first time doing an empties post and I am quite excited about it. Usually, I finished about 1-2 items every month.  That’s why it is kind of hard to do a decent empties post.  As I have accumulated a fair amount of empties, I think it’s time for me to do one.

So here we go:

Bioderma sensibo – This is my third bottle already. I love this cleansing water because it’s cheaper than a lot other high end cleansers and most importantly, it removes makeup very easily. Just three pumps of this and it would leave my skin clean.  Usually, I will do another cleansing step using either another foaming cleanser or the clarins orange scrub.  I have recently found out that Q10 is selling one 500ml bottle at $21+ inclusive shipping. If you have the patience to negotiate with carousell sellers, you can actually find one who is willing to sell at $20 net but arranging for meetup can be quite a hassle.

Next up is a aroma diffuser which I bought from Bangkok. The scent is lemongrass which always remind me of massage. Buying aroma diffuser is definitely more economical than if you buy locally.  And there is not much difference in terms of quality.  So if you happen to be in Bangkok and is one who uses aroma diffuser, don’t hesitate to buy them (not from road side stall though).

Bioderma solution micellaire and “White elephant” aroma diffuser

The Kose white mask is my third tube already.  I like this mask because it is a peel off mask and after use, my face always feel bright, clean, smooth and doesn’t make my face feels dry.

However, I cannot say the same for the Neutrogena fresh foaming cleanser.  My face feels so dry that it became itchy.  So I have to give this up and use it as a cleaner for my makeup brushes.  I know some may say that we should use cleanser specially for brushes but I don’t really care cos mine are cheap and can be replaced without feeling the heart pain. haha.

Kose white mask and Neutrogena facial foaming cleanser

So there you go, these are my first empties.  I have another one coming up for March and am excited about it cos there are 5 empties.  Yoohoo~~ even though some are sample size only, it is already an accomplishment for me.


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