2015: 3/12 – March has been fun so far!

2 March:  It was our department’s CNY dinner.  This year, one of the big boss sponsored Happy Fei Fei and it was the first time that I did not ask why the lucky draw was taking so long or when is the next dish going to be served.  She brought me tears.  Tears of laughter.  I enjoyed so much that I had a dream but it was not one that I would want to remember.

4 March: Accompanied a friend to one raffles place to buy bread. I saw some bread samples which looks very yummy and took a piece. Then suddenly from behind me, someone used her fingers instead of the toothpicks prepared for customers to pick up the bread samples and she got my attention.  She did not stop but went out to use her fingers to pick up more bread samples (a few pieces of different flavor) and pretended that she was trying the samples. But I know that she’s not! She was hungry! And to confirm my  suspicion, she had a gym bag on her arm. I think she just want to have a quick bite before her gym class. Hahahahah. I was pretty amazed by how thick skinned and how cheapo someone can be. She definitely cannot be an actress cos I see right through her.  Rolled eyes.

12-16 March: Going to Hong Kong again, this time with my parents and mil. exciting times. I will talk more about the trip in another blog post.


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