2015: Weeks 7 to 9

11 February: I broke the zip of my skirt while trying to zip it. Of cos it’s not a problem if it’s a normal piece of skirt but the thing is the skirt is already very tight on me and with the zip stuck, I can’t take it off by pulling it down. In fact, the only way to get out of the skirt is only from above as my chest is smaller than my butt. I tried to wiggle myself out of the dress from the head and after much effort and almost causing spasm to my arms and body, I finally took it off. Morale of the story – don’t wear a skirt too tight.

14 February: vday is working day. No surprises for him or me. It’s just lunch at a Japanese restaurant which Al had not been too and macdonald for dinner.

16 February: came home earlier and I went to the supermarket to buy some ingredients to make pad thai.  But my bladder is super full, prawns are super ex, and I can’t seem to find the garlic chives which is very important ingredient for making a nice pad thai. So in the end, I bought milk, cornflakes, eggs back.  Got home, opened the cabinet and freaked out.  I finally found the source of the bugs which have been looming around in the kitchen and counter top!  It was the leftover flour used by mil. At that moment, the urge to kill those bugs was stronger than to release my bladder. So for the next hour, I was busy killing the bugs and I lost my appetite totally. Morale of the story: always keep the leftover food product properly – air tight.

17 February: finally got my first iPad which was ordered online and delivered the very next day! Apple’s delivery is really impressive. Now writing a blog post using the iPad made it easier than using my old MBP which is running quite slowly now with all the junk in it. And comparing to my iPhone 6, it’s definitely much easier to write a blog post using a bigger screen. Yea!

23 February: Budget 2015 is for everyone.  For me, at least I will benefit from the personal tax rebate of $1,000, the education and training subsidy and the service and conservancy charges rebate.

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