2015: 2/12 – what’s up february?

It’s only the second month of the year but I am already starting to get busy at work. Going to work on Saturday is nice because they aren’t many co-workers around and I get to have some peace and free of noise pollution at work.

I am also starting to get busy at home trying to spring clean my house which is not made easy with the ‘help’ of my mil and Al.  I have already cleared out 8 ring files worth of notes which I am going to recycle and packed away a bag worth of clothes and toys for a charity organisation to pick them up.

Besides being busy with the chinese new year preparation, basically I think my february would evolves around work, fitness and some social life.  Come to think of it, I think it is quite a good idea to have a goal each month for me to achieve.  What do you think?  This month, since I am on a spring cleaning spree, my goal will be to tidy up the study room.




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