52/52 : Last week of 2014

This year’s Xmas was one of the loneliest. Al was not in town for about a week (during Xmas week). There was no Xmas party this year as most friends were out of town, and I did not get any Xmas pressies for anyone except Al. I was just not in the mood to brave myself through the crowds this festive season.

On a happier note, my friend deb just got married on her birthday. It was a small but nice buffet styled wedding dinner held at Equinox. After which the couple had a lot a lot of drinks with their guests and there were nice music and a small dance floor for those who would like a dance. I am not a drinking person nor a dancing person but I did enjoy watching the guests and the bridegroom and bride having fun.

Due to Al’s work commitment, he has been away for a week (the longest period that we have been apart since marriage), and I spent my Xmas with my parents and siblings and of cos the baby whom I can’t get enough. She is now at the stage where she is absorbing words like a sponge and it was fun listening to her talk.

I also met up my dear friend on Christmas Eve for a quick catch up. It was nice to hear the updates of her life and looked at pretty holiday photos and exchanged Christmas presents. I love all the things that she got me and her beautiful handwriting.

How was your 2014?


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