43-44/52: 2 incidents with 2 humans

Incident number one

We went to watch the first women’s tennis held in Singapore and it was great until the night game……

A woman sat down beside me. First, the seats were already making me uncomfortable as they were those temporary made shift ones which are of poor standard as they shook at the slightest movement, for example, clapping of hands, walking up and down the stairs. And we were seated near to where the players made their entrance and so there was a lot of human traffic. Back to the woman who sat next to me, she was acting like a 13 yo kid getting all excited about Serena Williams. Before the start of the game, she talked about how great this woman is, how she thinks SW is the world greatest woman who played the best tennis, blah blah blah. And during the game, she would made comments to every single point that she made. Seriously, if I don’t need a live commentator, lest one who favors SW. Before the game started, there were 2 aunties seated 2 rows in front of her. Then they moved to the row just in front of her and she mumbled something to her boyfriend and went off. Minutes later, an usher came and asked the 2 aunties for their tickets and the aunties confessed that they were supposed to sit in front but since there were no one sitting behind, they moved. The usher told them that they should move back to their seats because someone informed him about it. After the 2 aunties moved, the woman started explaining to her boyfriend that she told the usher about it and I got this feeling that she was very proud of what she did. Few minutes later, a couple sat down in front of her again. I laughed out loud. They were much taller than the 2 aunties and blocked her good view. All I can say is, served her right.

I was so glad the match ended quickly, slightly less than an hour. I can’t stand another moment listening to my live commentor on how well SW was playing. After the match, we went all the way to the back for a better view and to get away from the live commentor.

Lesson learnt, not every front row seats are worth the money.  The seats behind were better than those made shift ones. Even though the seats were further away but at least there are no shaking and people’s head getting in between your eyes and the court.

Incident number two

While walking towards the fitness station, I saw a couple pushing each other at the playground.  At first, I thought they were playing around but when one of them fell down next to me, I realised that they were fighting (in front of 2 kids) instead.  Even though there were people staring at them, including me, woman A continued to push woman B and swang her fist at woman B again and again.  Then woman A saw me staring at her and shouted “see what see, never see people fight?” I said “no, and you better stop fighting”.  But she continued and I looked at her and tried to act fierce (even though I was a little worried that she might hit me) and told that I will call police if she continues. One of the kid then said to me in her soft innocent voice to call police.  At this time, Woman A seeing that I am serious about calling the police and she started backing off but not before scolding me and Woman B who then brought her two kids along.

I went back to my fitness training but I turned my back many times in case Woman A come back with a vengeance.


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