35-37/52: Back from Macau and Hong Kong

27 August 2014
We arrived in Macau on a late Wednesday afternoon after taking the turbojet ferry directly from the Hong Kong airport, so we don’t have much plans except for an impromptu Portuguese restaurant recommended by our boss’s friend. Maybe I was quite full (from the Portuguese tart and macdonald’s chicken wings that I had before dinner) so I did not enjoy the food as much as the rest did.
Apologies, but I did not take note of the restaurant’s details cos I don’t think I would recommend it to anyone.

28 August 2014
On Thursday, we walked to Taipa Village from our hotel for some 猪扒包 but the famous shop (the one located next to the road junction) has closed down since we went there 4 years ago. But there was another shop sign beside the empty shop where it was closed and I told Al I had to try it cos this is my second time back to Macau and I am not going back without eating that 猪扒包. So we went in search for the shop under the hot sun and we bumped into a few colleagues on the way who were playing some quiz held by the local museum. After close to an hour, we almost wanted to give up and I saw the sign of that 猪扒包 shop! Al was kind of relieved that we found it else his wife would give him a black face. He sure knows me well.

Later at night, we were given tickets to go up to the top of Macau Tower for some night scenery and bungy jumping.  After taking photos at the top of Macau Tower and watching a young chap took the bungy jump, we proceeded to the convention hall for buffet dinner. The spread was not fantastic but we were entertained by some singing competition amongst different departments and our department came in first!

29 August 2014
Whole day conference and by 6pm, we were free as a bird. On Wednesday, we wanted to go to this restaurant in Tapai Village for some Portuguese food but it was fully booked so we got the concierge to book for us for dinner on Friday. We arrived at the restaurant not feeling very excited especially after trying that not so fantastic Portuguese food on Wednesday. But this time round, I was wrong. We ordered about 7 dishes to share and they all tasted heavenly! If you ever visit Macau, you MUST go to this restaurant called A Petisqueria.
After dinner, we took a slow walk down the busiest lane of Taipa Village and we saw a little shop selling an interesting looking cake and we bought one back to share. For just a slice of the cake, it cost MOP55 which is about SGD9. Freaking expensive but it was freaking yummy.

30 August 2014 to 1 September 2014
Enroute to Hong Kong! Yea!  and of cos Hong Kong is all about eating and shopping.

Since it was only 2 night stay in Hong Kong. I decided to splurge a bit and we stayed at Langham Place Mongkok and we had dinner at this 2 starred Michelin restaurant “Ming Court” and the roast goose is the best I have eaten so far.
And all thanks to my friend who wanted to get century eggs for their family, I decided to get one pack for my family as well who enjoyed the eggs to the bits. Yea!
The next time I visit Hong Kong again, this will certainly be on the top of my list to bring back for the family. 🙂


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