30/52: a long weekend

This Saturday, I am giving work a miss cos I have to be at my goddaughter’s one year old party.  Al has work since morning till late so I drove myself to the brother’s new place where the party is held.  His daughter is my goddaughter whom I adore very much.  She is one quirky baby girl. Love her hair (curl), love when she day dreams, love when she would just let anyone carry, love when she starts to (baby) talk, love when she gives us a peck on the cheek when we ask for a kiss, love the way she turns her head sideway (famous kpo look) and etc etc…

After the party, I went to visit al at a flea market at north bridge road and I was very proud of myself for finding my way using google map despite me going around in circles.  My advice to using google map is you listen hard to the verbal instructions.  I missed quite a few exits and ended up in toa payoh/ bishan and a ulu place with a dead end. haha… but all is well when I saw the road sign which says north bridge road. haha.
On Sunday, my friend invited us to her house for a mini pot luck so there is no #tohsundaydinner.

Few days ago, I made an online lunch reservation few days ago at Cook & Brew.  On Saturday, C&B called and informed that the restaurant is closed on Monday.  I asked the person on the line back “then how come the online booking system allows me to make a reservation on Monday??”  Awkward silence over at the other end.  Oh well, guess today will be a rest and relax day for the me and al to prep us for the busy work week.

Hope y’all have a good week ahead and Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslims!


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