27/52: Pfffft!

Train door opened and I saw a bag pack lying in the middle of the doorway. I am always sensitive to the environment and is quick to realize that something is not right. This bag belonged to a boy who is a bit slow in the head. Seconds later, he sat himself next to the bag. And started to make some hand gestures and also tried to lie his head against a lady’s thigh. The lady moved away and he dint make any further movements. Then, the boy started slapping onto the glass panel and a 40yo plus woman who was seated at the priority thought that he was calling her and when he did not response to her are you ok questions and pokes (yes, she used her finger to poke him. Thrice). After like 2 minutes later, she finally realised that he is just slow in the head. The next moment, I heard a camera snap sound (and so did the boy) and he tried to grab her phone. The woman mumbled anxiously that she wasn’t taking photo of him and moved her phone away from him. Luckily for her, the boy did not pursue and things went back to normal with him still seated on the floor.

I was upset with the woman. What was she thinking of doing with the photo that she took? Just leave the boy alone. Pfffft.


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