23-26/52: June, you sucked.

the celine incident
i had my eyes on celine trio crossbody bag for a long time. Few weeks ago, #mybagcouture from instagram posted this bag for a lady was asking for SGD900. the retail price for this bag is SGD1550 (i think) and i emailed the lady asking if she could reduce the price further to SGD650. she replied me that she had a few offer and will let me know if she will sell it to me. 2 days later, she emailed me telling me her best offer was SGD510 and asked if i could offer higher. i offered her the same and surprisingly she was agreeable to it as she was having some payment problem with the other buyer.

she told me to let her know once i made the payment. as the seller is situated in australia, i made a payment via paypal on 6 june (fri) in the morning. i dint hear from her till late evening and said she will send out the next business day. I waited till 9 june (mon) and asked if she has sent out the bag but she dint reply after many hours later and told me that it was long weekend in australia and she can only sent out the next day.

the following day, she sent me an email to ask me why the funds are not in her account and if I know the reason why. Of cos i had no idea right lady?? after some investigation, she then said that the funds would only be transferred into her account 21 days later. and becos she needed the money immediately, she changed her mind in selling the bag to me and will be selling the bag locally i.e. in australia.

to cut the story short, i told her to refund back my money which she did after a week with my help (i had to call paypal to explain what happened) since she was just not doing enough to return my money fast enough. so that’s my sad celine story. whenever, i see that bag, it just reminded me of this incident. so maybe i am not fated to own it.

oh ya, that was the most ‘interesting’ part of my life in June 2014.


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