22/52: a walk down sungei road to mayo road

If you are a Singaporean, you would know that traffic at the little India is bad especially in the weekends. We had a birthday celebration on Saturday at a little restaurant called Morsels which is located near Little India. As usual, Al wanted to go earlier so as to avoid traffic and we reached there two hours before dinner time. Since we had two hours to kill, Al bought me to the thief market at Sungei Road and it was an eye opener. The market is full of things that are either unwanted, old, used and even spoilt items such as electrical appliances, shoes, clothes, handphone chargers etc etc etc. In the past, I heard that if you lose your things such as bicycles, it is likely that you can find them at the market but you would have to pay to get it back. HAHA.
Then we went to song cho which is around the area where I found the perfect dish drainer for our kitchen. The price although high is justifiable cos of the high quality of metal used. My parents use this brand and I don’t see any rust on it at all. So when the stocks arrived, I will send my man down to lug it back home.

We slowly walked our way to the restaurant. It was quite a distance from where we were but we managed to find it. I liked that the restaurant is kids friendly but we may be a bit too rowdy for the other patrons. The food menu that the owner designed for us was interesting but we may have ordered a tad too much cos in the end we have to takeaway.


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