Review of 3.1 Philip Lim Pashli Messenger

I am not into popular bags like the G, the L, or the other P etc etc etc.. Although I like the C, but more people are carrying the bags so I am giving the C a pass. Love will be deep in my heart. Hah.

That special day when I saw this Philip Lim 3.1 bag on instagram on one of those second hand designer stuff account who helped people to post photos of bags, shoes for sale, it was love at first sight. I whatsapped the seller immediately to see if it’s still available. She said yes and we had a Q&A session on the bag. The seller was very helpful in answering my questions and also send me photo of how the bag looks like carried by some celebrities. She did not come across as hard selling and she was definitely very familiar with the brand as she owned another 3.1 herself.

The bag retails at S$1,290 in Singapore and it is OOS on most online stores. The bag was listed at S$800 but the seller said she will let it go to a 3.1 lover but firm at S$700.

To cut the story short, I am finally the proud owner of this 3.1 after one month and I paid S$700 for it. Ya, I did not manage to reduce it further. Haha.

Now let’s talk about the bag, the material is made of cowhide and accented with antiqued brass hardware. The front zips open to expand the depth, and a button flap opens to an unlined interior with a single pocket.

Measurements of the bag
Height: 25.5cm
Length: 30.5cm
Depth: 7.5cm
Strap drop: 61cm

Pros: I like the structure of the bag. Maybe because of the material is quite stiff. It allows the things to sit nicely without falling all over within the bag.
I like the size of the bag. Big enough for my essentials. It is able to hold my fat wallet, thick card holder, a makeup pouch, a diary and most important a full size umbrella. My body movement can be quite big and it is an advantage for me that the leather is uneven which would make any scratches less noticeable. I had initially thought that the bag is black but the color is in ink (dark blue) which makes the bag look expensive with its brass hardware.

Cons: I find the leather strap too long. As I like to wear the bag on one side, the bag would fall against my hip. My ideal length is at waist level so I may get the strap punched soon. The closure of the bag is just annoying. Because the bag is new, the leather is still very stiff which makes the fastening the buttons difficult.





Overall, I am happy that it did not break my piggy bank, big enough for my essentials and most importantly, I have not seen anyone carrying it.


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