19/52: may May be a good month!

work week passed by peacefully.

this week was made short as i have taken leave on friday to do a body checkup with al.  it lasted just within 40 minutes including waiting time and i felt cheated cos of the long list of tests that was included so i decided to go shopping in order to make the leave worth it. and i burnt my pocket by purchasing 3 shoes at one shot.  you know my love for da shoes and al did not help at all by allowing me to buy all 3 of them.
and i want to share my first bad experience on carousell.  a lady enquired about a bag which i listed on carousell and requested that i reserve it for her till 10 may (3 weeks) when she got her pay. on 9 may, i messaged her to ask her what time are we meeting and there was no response from her.  i waited till 10 may itself and send her another message asking if she is still interested in the bag as there are other buyers who are keen.  and then after a few hours, she cancelled her offer.  just like that.  she dont even have the courtesy to apologise or explain or at least let me know before hand that she has changed her mind.  instead, i have to follow up with her.   i wanted to leave her negative feedback but al told me not to.  and i hope this lady know that she is lucky to get away with it cos if i want to be nasty, i can be very good at it.  anyway, i wont have anything to do with her anymore cos i have blocked her from my account.

lesson learnt, next time if someone wants to reserve something, a deposit is a must.


4 thoughts on “19/52: may May be a good month!

  1. Carrot! Hello ^^

    I always love your shoe posts on Instagram since you have so many cute ones. It’s such a pity for the bad experience you had but at least you blocked her~

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