18/52: another short workweek

its 1st may today and in Singapore, its labour day and a public holiday. but as usual i woke up early in the morning (just like weekends) and had a few dosage of my youtube videos before i moved my ass to do some housework just like any weekends. ya, once you are married and have no maid and a husband and mil who don’t really do housework (at all), someone (yea, that’s me) just have to do it right? i would not want to stay in a messy and dirty house. not my style.
and i finally collected the bag which i bought from a seller who posted her new unused bag photo via an instagram account. i really need to stop following these accounts which has enabled me to buy quite a few items already. argh.
birthday dinner celebration at potico. lovely interior deco and service. and the food is interesting and acceptable by my standard. it’s definitely a place that I would recommend if you want a place to chill out with nice food and good service.


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