17/52: holiday week!

Monday: I received a hi message from an ex carousell buyer and my mind immediately went “don’t tell me she wants a refund??” Then I hi back and asked her what’s up? Which she replied that she was upset that she has received a negative feedback from another carousell user and she felt that I am a nice person and wanted to seek my advice on the matter. So being this nice person, we had a good chat and she felt much better about it. Me too, dear. I felt happy to be able to help, even though was mostly lending a listening ear.

Tuesday: I wore a pair of shoes from the cabinet which I have not wore for ages. While in the middle of the pedestrian crossing, my right sole gave way and I could not walk properly so I pulled it out in front of the cars and people around me. Yes, I was embarrassed but I did not show any sign of it. Then, a few minutes later, my left sole pulled the same trick on me. So, I ended up with two soles in my bag. #embarrassingmoments

Tues night to Friday: Holiday! First (suaku) trip to Bali! Yeah!!


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