14/52: sorry that i laughed…

this week went past very quickly and it seems that its only work, work and more work… i was just thinking that i may have nothing much to blog about for this week but i was wrong.  at abt 430pm last friday, i received a whatsapp message from dear joy who asked if i was at work which i replied yes. then, there was silence and at 5pm, she whatsapp me again, this time telling me that she was in the a&e at alexandra hospital and her hub was not in town so she needed someone to send her home as she might have fractured her foot.  her handphone battery was dying and she told me that she will be at the small waiting area of a&e.  i was planning to work late initially but i changed my mind (i think my friend needed me more than my work), i took a bus down and found my way to her (my first visit at alexandra hospital).  she looked so pitiful sitting in the wheelchair with the cast on her left foot.  but it was a funny sight…………… and i burst out laughing at her…. opps…. sorry dear, but thanks for making my friday so meaningful… it was my many first. my first time to alexandra hospital, my first time driving a car other than mine, my first time driving through mac, my first time to your house, my first time killing a lizard with your new clutch..


2 thoughts on “14/52: sorry that i laughed…

  1. LOL! I should be the one thanking you instead. Thank you for coming to my rescue and for making me feel less alone 😀 And most importantly, thank you for being my friend.

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