9/52: a good laugh

Went to my friend’s rented place at Changi Village last Saturday night for the first time.  I like how they decorated the place but the location is just TOO out of the way (from our place).

We quickly settled for our usual mj game.  But shortly after the start of the game, we started hearing car horns.  The horning went on and off for about 5 minutes and suddenly, Wei came into the room and said that Fong’s car was in the middle of the road!  We all ran out of the house and saw his car not just in the middle of the road but up the road divider.  By this time, there were a police van, some cyclists, cars, bystanders and us standing near the scene trying to figure out what happened.

We saw a lorry parked by the road side and an Indian guy was telling us that he was the one who horned at the car as he saw the car slipping down the slope into his way and onto the road divider.  He was surprised to see that there was no driver in the car and stopped by the road side to look for the owner.  He said we are very lucky that the car did not hit any one and or kana hit by cars as it was red light at that time.

We had a good laugh.

Lesson learnt: to engage brake and turn the wheel either to the left or right and not centre.


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