8/52: 3rd week of february

I found myself falling in love with Dimbulah’s latte ever since I ordered half shot.  It was way too bitter before I changed it to half shot.  Also, the barrister always give me some love in the latte which never fails to bring a smile on my face.
I missed my thursday class at momentum and here I was in the mirrored lift of Alexis all ready for some morning exercise on a Saturday.
We celebrated the January birthday for the 2 ladies.  It was late but better than never.  We had dinner at the Metropolis Peach Garden.  This outlet is a bit small but I guess it caters more to the working crowd and doesn’t expect a big crowd on weekends.  I have no complains to the food and service at all. The food is nice and most the service staff service with a smile.  I am sure I will be back soon.


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