2014: 1/52 Bangkok Trip

The first week of 2014 was a visit back to the Land of Smiles.

We visited 3 new places this time which are worth a mention here. Hopefully, you will have an idea what to do when you visit Bangkok the next time.

#1. Purr Cat Cafe Club (located at 53 Sukhumvit Road)

How do we get there:  Alight at Thong Lo BTS and walk for about 15 – 20 minutes.  It was quite scary walk as it was quite dark by the time we started walking with only occasional lights as we past some restaurants and little shops.

Why we want to go there:  We are both cat lovers.  So if you like to see cats chasing after each other and roaming in the enclosed space, then you should really pay them a visit.

Selection of food:  Usual cafe drinks with limited choice of food (they only served desserts and salad)

How much:  You only pay for the food that you ordered and stayed there as long as you want.

Crowd:  Tourists and locals. We bumped into 2 other group of Singaporeans there.
#2. Karmakamet Diner

How do we get there:  Alight at Phrom Phong BTS.  Need to enter a small road beside Emporium Suites (just ask the information counter if you are not sure) and you will see the diner sign after 3-5 minutes of walk.

Why we want to go there:  Cos I happened to see Bagaholicboy’s IG photos and I realised they also carry their own diffusers, perfume, room spray and candles etc where I spent about SGD80 and got a lifetime membership.  If anyone wants to pay them a visit, you can borrow  my card to enjoy a 10% for products and 5% at the diner.

Selection of food:  Not that fantastic for me to be back. But I love the in house products!

How much: We spend about 1,000 Baht for a sandwich, an eggs benedicts, a coke and a SMALL glass of juice.

Crowd:  Tourists, expatriates and locals.
#3.  Silom Thai Cooking School

How do we get there:  Alight at Chong Nonsi BTS and ask for directions!  The school will sent you details on how to get there by taxi but we prefer to take the BTS but it is a bit challenging to find the place.  Best to set out an hour earlier so that you won’t miss the market tour before the cooking lesson.

Why we want to go there:  Cos I happened to see anonymoushedonist’s IG photos and really wanted to give it a try especially when I love thai food!

Selection of food:  Click here.

How much: Each person 1,000 Baht for 5 course and you get a simple easy to understand cooking recipe book.

Crowd: Tourists and expatriates.
Till then Bangkok. I miss you already.


8 thoughts on “2014: 1/52 Bangkok Trip

  1. Nice to see your face every once in a while, Carrot! You’re so lucky, I’d love to go to a Thai cooking class. Looks like you had a great time ^.^

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