That Monday, his birthday.

Work has been crazy and I saw less of him especially in October. So on his birthday, I decided to take a break from work to give him my full attention. I felt bad for not planning anything so its just go with the flow kind of day. He suggested a Japanese buffet which he tried before at Great World City so off we went. It was really a pleasant surprise especially for me cos I enjoyed the food (more than him).

There was a lunch express promotion on weekdays where you will only pay for $22.90 each if you finished the lunch within an hour. I thought we would spend more than that but we were both full to the brim by 40 minutes and left the restaurant within an hour. BUAHAHA. Oh ya, the name of the restaurant is called Kushinbo. If you love japanese food it’s a must to try. Fresh stuff!
We then went to vivo city where I bought him his birthday present. He has been wanting a phone for almost 2 years and I finally gave in and bought him the new Xperia Z1 from Sony.

And we came home to finish the yogurt cake that I got him from -18 degrees from star vista.

Ya, I would think that he enjoyed his birthday.


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