Someone saved my Nars!

Yesterday, I was going through my makeup stuff and one of them caught my attention. It was my Nars eyeshadow palette. Not because I wanted to use it but I actually wanted to toss it into the bin cos the packaging had became so sticky and gooey. I have other Nars products so I did a quick check and sure enough the blusher packaging has started to get sticky. So I IG it and asked for help and I was told that this thing might do the trick! Yeah, its Methylated Spirit (MS)!
Not only did it help to help to fix the sticky gooey situation of my 2 Nars packaging, it also help to fix my broken blush!  I poured some MS in and then I crushed the blush product and mixed the loose product together.  Then I used tissue papers folded into several layers and pressed it against the product so that they stick together and soaked up the excess MS.  If my explanation is not clear, you can watch this youtube video (send to me by a friend).  You can see that she used quite a few items but I only need a spooly brush (the handle part), tissue papers and the MS and it turned out just fine.

You can get the MS at Guardian which costs SGD4.30 for 120ml.  So the next time if you encounter any of these situations mentioned above, you know where to find your ‘solution’!


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