The Shoe Saga

I have bought many pair of shoes from tangs over years. This is the first pair of shoes which create some unhappiness. I remembered that it was only after 2-3 wear before the right sole came loose. I was in shock because it was not a cheap pair of shoes and this means that the shoes are suppose to stay intact!! Luckily, I had already reached my home so I only need to drag my right foot like less than 50 steps!??!

So I had the right sole glued up at $10(!) and recently, while crossing the traffic, I felt it again. THIS TIME THE LEFT SOLE! and I was not even half way to the train station. In my mind, I was thinking whether I should walk back home or just continue with to walk. After I reached the other side of the road, I took a look at the left sole and saw that only the tip of the sole was still sticking to the shoe. So I pulled it off and kept my poor sole in my back and try to walk as gently as possible in order not to spoil the leather base.

I was quite upset and vented it out on twitter. Then I decided to tweet @tangs so that they are aware of my frustration and they responded after several angry tweets of mine. Social media to the rescue! To cut the story short, the customer service called me to bring the shoes down for them to take a look and after quite a bit of clarification with the SA, she told me to leave the shoes with her and issued me a memo stating that she will check with the management and will call me after they traced my purchase.

After a week, I finally received a call from @tangs who offered me a full refund. Acceptable. But if @tangs have offered to reimburse me the costs of gluing the soles back, a full refund and I still get to keep the shoes, I would have given them two thumbs and two big toes up. Is it too much to ask for?


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