Money, indeed, Does Not Buy Happiness

Reminder for myself.

Everything Swim Bike and Run and the Occasional Life Encounters

Going through all the regular articles this morning and BOOM, someone wrote an article about money does not buy happiness again, I am sure there are countless articles already but this is closer to heart, I have been saying this over and over to friends and to even people I meet on the streets, it is not the money that will bring you happiness but its the little things that makes one happy, As for me I don’t earn a grossly huge amount of money but I do earn enough for myself and my family, I feel there is a vacuum wanting more, but not of money but more of a quality life style, such as better air, better living space, etc etc

More and more people I meet seems to think of the same way these days, I meet Bahari yesterday at the Oakley Kayak session and he was…

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