Traveling with friends!!

Yes, we went to BKK over the National day week with 4 other couples and 3 kids and it was surprisingly FUN! And yes, we had to pay a premium for the air tickets cos it was the peak traveling season due to the long weekend when parents can only bring their kids out of Singapore without missing school. But I think it is worth spending a little more (still affordable to us) so that we can all travel and have fun together.

Usually, it is all about the shopping, eating and massaging in BKK. But this time, we only have 1 full day in BKK and the next 2 days were spent in Khao Yai where we stayed in a vineyard, went elephant riding (a video with a very cute song) and visited the Khao Yai National Park plus a have-to-find-a-place-to shop at Khao Yai (yea, my girlfriends love shopping).

Here are some photos of our 2 days spent in Khao Yai.


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