Pet peeves.

Do you have any?

I have a list though.

1. People who won’t move their feet even though the train is packed at the door but empty in the middle of the cabin

2. Smokers who smoke at non smoking area or while walking.

2. People who behave too intimately in the public.

3. People who think they are very attractive and act like they are Mr Handsome or Miss Pretty. Please la, it’s very subjective. You can be confident but not over confident.

4. Drivers who drive slowly on the right lane. Drivers who drive like a mad man. Driver who cut in and out of lanes. Drivers who don’t signal when changing lanes. Drivers who take for granted that once they signal they have the
right to cut in front of drivers who are in the correct lane. Sorry it doesn’t work that way! Plan your route please and be considerate!

5. People who invade my privacy.


2 thoughts on “Pet peeves.

  1. This is an interesting post!

    I especially dislike people leaning on those poles in the MRT when there are obviously people holding on to it. And also ladies with long hair who cannot stop flipping their hair in crowded places which would brush against my face. I had to fight the urge to pull their hair! lol.

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