Current day skincare routine


I bought the Caudalie instant cleansing foam last year and am feeling happy that it is finally finishing. Not that I am going to purchase another one but I can now move on to another cleanser. Recently, my face feels a little tight every time I uses this and I remembered Caroline Hiron mentioned before that foaming cleanser can be bad for the skin so I only use it twice every week with only one goal, that is, to finish using the product. I have been using the Clarins eye contour serum every morning cos the texture is quite light and is suitable for the day (and because of Caroline Hiron again, I now apply the eye serum first before my other face product). Next I would use Clarins Hydraquench Intensive Serum for the whole face and including the neck area. This is my second bottle but I repurchase it more for the scent and not so much on what it claims to do for the skin. Clarins whitening moisture day emulsion is definitely my least favorite moisturizer. The texture is just too heavy for this hot humid weather in Singapore. I thought it would suit people with dry skin. Mine is oily combination.

Hope you enjoy this mini morning skincare routine of mine. Have a good weekend πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “Current day skincare routine

  1. I use cream cleansers which are gentle on the skin yet do a good job of cleansing. I always do double cleansing with oil cleanser as first step to removing make up so i can be sure all traces of make up, oil and dirt are cleared. I’ve tried foam cleansers before, and they always dry out my skin! Not only that, it sometimes makes the T-zone more oily even!

  2. I’m doing the eye serum first too after Caroline Hiron! πŸ™‚

    Maybe you can try the coast to coast cleanser that has no foam – I always stock up when they have a 50% off promo and I’ve been through at least 5 bottles!

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