How do I play a part for the environment?

1. Bring a container to dabao your food. I always prepare my breakfast i.e. slices of bread with some spread and will store them in a reusable container to bring to the office.
2. There is a collection of recycle items on Monday every two weeks in my neighborhood. I will always collate recycle items such as plastic or glass containers and will place them outside the house.
3. Turn off the switches if I am not using the electrical appliances.
4. Don’t shower for more than 5 minutes unless I am really that dirty and need a good scrub.
5. For those useless brochures or letters, I will stuff them in between the newspapers for the Garang Guni man. Sometimes, I would use these loose papers to wrap dirty stuff and that will go into the rubbish bin.
6. Don’t buy too many beauty products and makeup. I am still trying to finish my collection. I have also stopped buying new shoes.

I am thinking of more ways to save the environment. If you have any ideas or habits, do share with me!


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