Wanton mee!

Al has officially got me hooked on wanton mee.


This stall is from Holland Drive (HD)40.  I like that the noodle is not too soggy and its ‘Q’ness.  The char siew is not bad but I find the sauce a bit too sweet.  The soup is not fantastic and wanton filling is too little.  I don’t mind eating this again if I am around the area.


This one is from the coffee shop along Dover main road.  I love the soup base which I think does not include any MSG.  The char siew is of a more healthy version which I am not complaining as long as it does not have any fats. One of my favorite.  Overall, I would come here for a quick wanton fix since it is so near my home.


I can’t recall at all where is this from. Will check with Al if he remembered.


This has to be my favorite.  It is from the one at Meiling Street. I love every bit of it, from the sauce to the soup and the owners (which Al has known them since young).  The only downside is that we always have to wait for at least 15 minutes even if it is pass lunch hour.


This one is Lucky Poh at Ghim Moh Food Centre. It was recommended by a IG cum twitter friend. I am not in love with it but the wanton and the soup are nice. They were out of char siew by the time we had lunch so I  guess it should be good? heehee.

If you guys have any wanton mee that you think is nice, please do share. I will try it if I am around the area! Cannot miss any chance for a good wanton mee ya know!


One thought on “Wanton mee!

  1. Wanton mee is LOVE! But they don’t make them like they used to any more. Last time the mee is all QQ one, but nowadays hard to find really good ones.

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