First impression of the Clinique CC cream

This product is pretty new in Singapore. I bought it at S$53 during the recent tangs sale (there was no discount on this item, just a 12% rebate). The SA told me that this product has not been officially launched but he could still sell it to me.
There are 6 color shades.

1. Very Light (For porcelain and very fair skin tones)

2. Light (For fair skin tones)

3. Light Medium (For moderately fair skin tones)

4. Medium (For moderately fair to medium skin tones)

5. Medium Deep (For deeper medium skin tones)

6. Deep (For golden or deeper skin tones)

There is also the Asian Favorites.

1. Natural Fair (For fair to very fair skin tones)

2. Natural (For moderately fair skin tones)

3. Fresh peach (For under makeup brightener. Flatters most skin tones)

The above is extracted from the Clinique’s website. I should think the Asian Favorites are in addition to the 6 color shades.

Since I wanted to use it under makeup, I decided to go for fresh peach. The first time I applied it alone all over my face and neck just for its SPF (30) protection. It did not feel as light weight as it claims (I may have applied a tad too much). And there is a mild sunscreen smell which caught my attention but it did fade away quickly. It gave me a more even skin tone, brightened up my face and also minimised the large pores around the cheek areas. On the second day, I used it underneath my Mac Studio Fix and loose powder from Chanel and went out for lunch. I left it on cos I was going out again in the late afternoon. Before heading out, I asked Al if my face was oily. And he said no. Very often, he would complained about my oily t-zone and I was very surprised with his reply! Well well, I might have just found the savior to my oily face!?

Update: On the third day, I used it under my usual liquid foundation and I can hardly see my pores around my cheeks!





5 thoughts on “First impression of the Clinique CC cream

    • Hi Meryl! It is not very strong and the smell faded very quickly. I tried the Chanel cc cream and like its fragrance so that’s another cc cream I would like to try next 🙂

  1. Nice review, Carrot! I tried this out at Sephora last week and it seemed like it was amazing. I want to try it out now that you said it was good^^

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