Ramen Kagetsu Arashi at Star Vista

Al asked if I want to try out the new ramen place at Star Vista.  Since today is a holiday, I decided to give myself a break from cooking and to give him a break from eating the food that I cooked, I said Let’s go!

This place replaced the espresSoup which I tried once before and that was it. It was so impression-less that I did not even blogged about the food or place (I did instagramed it though).

Anyway, the first thing that I noticed are the side condiments and the big jar of ice water on the table. I like that. 🙂  I was also very happy that they provide toothpicks too so that I don’t have to request for them.  Ya, my teeth is very prone to food stuck in between.
The place was not as empty as it looked. Business was considered quite good for this new ramen place. I am sure it will be even better when the place gets more popular.  Pity, triple ‘O’ next door was not doing so good.  The place was quite empty and I felt a bit sad.  I like their burgers but I don’t eat burgers that often and their burgers are a tad too expensive.  So, we only eat there once in a while.
I ordered this because its is number 1!  Al ordered the Arashi Genkotsu Sio Ramen.
My actual order looked like this and smelled very porky but luckily it did not taste porky at all.  In fact, the soup tasted very fresh (just a little oily and a little salty). The noodle was also very Q and the whole thing would have been perfect if the yolk is the soft boiled type (you can still order from the toppings menu).
The sides and toppings

This shall be my order in my next visit 🙂

The total cost for lunch is about $31 without any sides and toppings.


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