Tangs 12% rebate….

is soooo attractive.  Today is a member preview sale (that means you need to be a tangs member to enter) and the store was crowded with 80% of mature generation (yes including us).  We headed straight to the basement where all the electrical appliances were as we desperately needed a rice cooker. Our current one condition is so bad that it could kill us if we continue to eat the rice from it. Yes, it’s that bad. I don’t want to go into details as you might faint.

So we chose a rice cooker from tiger and was happy to hear that there is an additional of 10% off the offer price. We don’t want to hang around to look at other home stuff as it was too crowded.  Al suggested that we pay first before going upstairs. I think we queued for more than 30 minutes. The lady behind us was quite frustrated as during the whole while, one customer simply hogged one cashier (there were two) as she bought sooooooooooo much stuff.   This means we were queuing stupidly at the cashier where only one queue is moving.  Sigh. Bad luck.  When we went to the first floor, we saw another cashier with 2 moving queues and they were moving fast. GRRRR!

Al and I went separate ways.  I went to the beauty hall (needless to say) and he went to the third floor where Obey and his sneakers were situated. I bought my Clinique CC cream (I wanted to check out some other beauty stuff but I was only given half hour) and went up to meet him after choosing a suitable color.  I wanted to get the Chanel Universal Bronzer but they were OSS and the stocks stopped coming in two months ago.  Guess we aren’t fated.

We were super efficient on the third floor as we already know that what we want to get from Obey and he has already checked out his shoes size for a particular brand. Heh. He needs it for online shopping (which sometimes is less costly).  Oh ya, then we detoured to the second floor to replenish his briefs.

Total damage today is $300+++++++++++ after the 12% rebate.  Heart pained but we would have spend more without the sale.  🙂


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