What’s for breakfast lately?

Are you a breakfast person? 

Since young, my mama has always emphasize that breakfast is the most important meal of the day by way of getting up earlier than me every morning to prepare breakfast for me.  Even on days when she don’t feel well, she will ensure that there is food in the kitchen so that this lazy daughter of hers have something to eat when she wakes up.  She will not allow me to go to school or work without eating anything.   There were times when I did not appreciate this gesture of hers especially so when she would nagged and grumbled at me on how early she had to wake up for me and why I can’t make my own breakfast.   But I guess, it was because she doesn’t feel appreciative at all.   Ya, I am not that type who knows how to show my appreciation by action.  Its all in the heart you know. *fist pumped heart*   Haha, but how would she know right?   Now that I think back, I feel bad for taking it for granted. 

So here are some photos in memory of those days when she woke up early to make breakfast for me and most importantly, thank you mama. 


8 thoughts on “What’s for breakfast lately?

  1. The sharing about your mum made me well up inside. The things they would do for us… I love how your breakfast is so varied, and you make it fun too with the occasional doughnut. That is what life should be. A bit of everything 🙂

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