Mayday Mayday!

Woke up at 8am so that I can finish my daily morning routine (i.e. have breakfast, read the newspaper, check updates on IG, twitter and youtube) before I head out of the house. I also did a bit of online shopping on the make-up blogette‘s blog sale but I did not get anything this time. Most of the stuff that I was considering were already ‘booked’. Recently, I saw a photo of the make-up blogette’s IG of her Bath & Body Works (BBW) candles and got to know that she got them in a spree held by Eliza! So I contacted Eliza and because I was new to a spree, she explained to me how it works including the cost calculation and collection details. To my delight, BBW was having a 2 for the price of one promotion and I jumped the wagon and placed the order with Eliza on 12 April 2013. The candles arrived on 29 April 2013, slightly more than 2 weeks.

Ok, back to waking up early. I am supposed to pick up my BBW candles from Eliza at noon time! And I planned to leave at 11am even though the appointment was at 12pm cos I was afraid that I will get lost as I am very bad with directions. Anyway, I reached her place safe and sound within just half an hour earlier notwithstanding a slight hiccup (made a wrong left turn) and was back home within an hour. Even Al was impressed. Haha.

So now, I am a proud owner of these 4 beautiful yummy candles.


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