A small lipgloss collection.

I went through my makeup collection and decided to do a little review of the 5 lip glosses that I owned.

Starting from the left: Stila in Fruit Punch and Strawberry, MAC in Lust, Heavy Rotation in 04 and Urban Decay (UD) in Midnight Cowboy.

I think it was 1 or 2 years ago when I saw the news on twitter that Stila was pulling out from Singapore and so I paid a visit at Tangs. Their lip glaze was a highly recommended product and I went home with 2 of them. It comes in the form of a pen where the product is dispensed from the pen with 2-3 twists at the top. Although the colors look very bright in the pen, both appear quite sheer when applied on. The colors can be built up with more applications. I can’t conclude whether the lip glaze is a moisturising one even though many said it is cos it doesn’t stay on my lips long enough.

The MAC one was purchased many many years ago and you can tell from the bottle that there is still quite a lot of the product left.

Heavy Rotation was from the local drugstore and I seldom use it cos it has this smell which puts me off every time I use it. However, this lip gloss is quite easy to use as it comes with a lip brush and all you need to do is give the tube a little squeeze and the product will be dispensed onto the lip brush.

Midnight cowboy is a free sample size lipgloss which came together with my UD haul about 3 years ago. It comes with a slanted tip which is also easy to use. I do like this as the color is very sheer and the product gives my lips a tingling sensation for a few minutes. The gloss also has a sparkle to it which makes it interesting. If you like a little sparkle on your lips, then you should give it a try. I do like this formulation more as compared to the Stila ones. Maybe because of the smell. I find the Stila ones a bit too sweet for me.

You can tell that I am really not a lipgloss kind of gal. Sorry that this ‘review’ is not really that helpful. 😁
Swatches under the shade
Swatches under the daylight


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