Another trip…

to Bangkok !  Haha, your eyes are reading it right.  We are going Bangkok AGAIN in August.  You may be asking why August since its peak season.  Well,  it is because we are going with our friends who are bringing along their children which means they can only go for overseas trip during the school holidays (AKA PEAK PERIOD).

I was surprised by myself that I would agree to go for this trip cos there would not be much shopping (only ONE full day).  But I went for it anyway because it would be a trip with four other couple friends and I thought it would be fun since it has been sometime since we went for holiday as a group!  Plus we are going to stay two nights at a vineyard which is also a national park.  I am not so sure if this piece of information is correct but I do think that this is somewhat a refreshing idea as compared to what we always do in Bangkok i.e. Shopping. 

Let’s hope that there is no regret in the decision made.  HA!


5 thoughts on “Another trip…

  1. Ooh vineyard? National park? Sounds cool for a Bangkok holiday. Would love to do that one day. My hubby would at the mention of vineyard!

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