Lovely Saturday…

The Saturday morning was fantastic with good food and company. Yesterday, I made a new friend. As we grow older, it is harder to make any new friends. I thanked Joy for inviting me along for her meet up with Jacqueline who is very easy going yet opinionated person.
And the Saturday evening was dinner at the Little Diner along Bukit Timah Road. We celebrated the April’s birthday babies there and it was fun. Especially so when a friend of ours took up a challenge to finish “The Empire Burger Challenger within 20 minutes! Make a guess if he managed to complete the challenge??
I was quite pleased with the food ordered but Al thought it was so so. The smoked duck breast salad, mushroom soup and the calamari (forgot to take photo :() were definitely yummy but the truffle fries are just too oily and soggy for my liking. Enough said, here are some photos of the food that we ordered.

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